The Veloster’s Adventures Out West


With the SEMA Show right around the corner, Dave, Gurnade, and their team can finally feel confident in knowing that both builds are finished and on their way to Vegas!

hyundai-motor-group-sign-at-proving-groundsThe Veloster arrived in California on October 16th at Hyundai Proving Grounds. Dave, who took a break from working on the Tuscon to fly out to California to meet up with the Veloster, arrived the following day to meet with the representatives from Hyundai and their marketing team.

veloster-drivingEarly the next morning, Dave made his way to the Proving Grounds located in the heart of the Mojave Desert. Between high speed and corner runs around the track, a sunset photoshoot and a builder’s interview, Dave’s day was fully packed in the desert. He got the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at Hyundai’s headquarters and saw how they test their vehicles against extreme weather conditions. He even got to see fully wrapped and concealed future vehicles being tested.

track-and-signDave and the Veloster were not alone at the Proving Grounds as he was joined by all of the SEMA 2016 Hyundai builds. Professional drift driver, Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis was also in attendance. Dave, being a driver himself, had the opportunity to drive his own build around the track.

After an unforgettable quick trip to California, Dave returned home and was right back to working on the Tuscon to meet its ship deadline on the morning of October 25th. With both cars finished, Dave can finally get a little rest before he heads out to Vegas on Saturday for the SEMA Show 2016. If you’re headed out to the SEMA show, you can find Dave and Gurnade’s Veloster on display in Hyundai’s booth and the Tuscon on display in the Toyo Tires booth!


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