The Top Car Shows Across America


Luxury car displayed at car show

Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a member of the automotive industry, or just curious about all of the vehicle options on the market, car shows all across America have something for you.  One of the most enjoyable things about car shows is that they come in all shapes and sizes, with any number of themes.

You can easily travel to one state for a huge industry show that features all of the newest models and cool futuristic technology, then travel to another state for a show that devotes itself entirely to classic rides.  Whatever you’re interested in, wherever you’d like to make your next travel destination, these top car shows – in no particular order – throughout the country provide experiences not worth missing.

Detroit Autorama:

As the nation’s automotive capital, it only makes sense to start our journey in Detroit, Michigan.  Billed as “America’s Greatest Hot Rod Show,” this massive automotive extravaganza features some of the coolest vehicle modifications, paint jobs, and overall stunning use of automotive technology.

Even the most mundane cars can become stunners, something that hot rod experts love proving at this car show.  While a lot of car shows will focus on vehicles made in certain eras, this show is all about celebrating automotive customization of any and all vehicles.  You’re just as likely to see a new coupe sitting next to an Oldsmobile from the 1930s.

Each year the car show bestows the Don Ridler Memorial Award on the most awe-inspiring vehicle on display, making for some great competition and plenty of great sights for visitors.

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance:

For car collectors and aficionados of all automotive eras, the car show held every year in Pebble Beach, California, features a variety of collectible cars that would make anyone’s automotive dream come true.  Cars shown at this event are considered the best of the best and are meant to represent true excellent in automotive design and innovation throughout the decades.

Rather than focus on interesting custom designs and monster engines, this show focuses more on authenticity, pulling together collectible cars that are as close as possible to what they were when first produced.  The Concours d’Elegance is the final grand event of the Monterey Car Week, making this the perfect occasion to plan a destination vacation and take part in all of the week’s festivities.

cars at North American International Auto Show

North American International Auto Show:

One of the biggest car shows held anywhere in North America, this annual event is hosted in Detroit, Michigan, and features a full range of North American brands.  One of the best reasons to visit is that this is where all of the new vehicles for the coming year are put on display, as well as a few futuristic concept vehicles.

While the first few days of the event are open to select groups such as members of the press and various individuals from the automotive industry, the event is open for over a week to the general public.  This makes the auto show the perfect opportunity to see all of the new features offered by various brands and get an idea for prices all across the board.  For potential buyers, this is the perfect evaluation opportunity, as you have so many different brands on display for you to immediately compare.

Luxury BMW at Chicago Auto Show

Chicago Auto Show:

Billed as the largest automotive show in the country, the Chicago Auto Show features hundreds of cars and attracts well over a million people annually.  First begun over one hundred years ago, this show is also one of the longest running automotive events in the country.  The show features unveilings of the newest vehicles offered by various automotive manufacturers, as well as concept vehicles for future projects or particular technology proposals.

As the event takes place in such a large convention space – McCormack Place – the manufacturers use this opportunity to host special events such as music shows and particular displays.

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance:

Held each march, this prestigious event is pretty much the East Coast equivalent of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, both in terms of automotive selection and excellence.  The event is meant as a showcase for the finest vehicles throughout classes and it features cars from all eras.

Vehicle admittance into the event is highly vetted, as coordinators are highly selective in choosing those that they feel represent the very best in each field.  The car show also includes a variety of events, such as a golf tournament, cultural shows, and auctions.  The entire event raises funds for various charities, most notably the Community Hospice of Northeast Florida.

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