The Rush is On


Less than 2 weeks out and Dave Lightner has been working hard to get his Hyundai builds finished by October 12th. This day not only marks the date his build takes the journey west towards Hyundai Headquarters and SEMA, but this will also be the first public debut of both renderings by Hyundai Motor America on their social media pages. Each rendering will be the first look at what’s to come from Dave Lightner’s builds.

paintThis week Dave with the help from friends, put a lot of work into the first build. For the first build, which is performance themed, Dave got the Neo Motorsport brakes installed, as well as the Pierce Motorsports roll bar and suspension braces. The 845 Motorsport turbo piping and FMIC front mount intercooler were installed. The front mount intercooler is responsible for cooling the air that has been compressed by a supercharger or turbocharger. Intercoolers can aid in efficiency as it can make the charged air denser which can add more power and torque. Lightner finished off his work on the first build by removing the factory seating and replacing them with Cobra seats and Takata racing harnesses supplied by HMS Motorsport, to give it a sports car feel. This car unfortunately is still awaiting its suspension which has been delayed due to severe inclement weather causing the suspension to be stuck at the shipping port.

The second build which is taking shape as a sporty SUV with some performance upgrades, had a lot of parts arrive that will be installed over the weekend and early next week. Dave received the suspension and plans to install it next week along with the brakes. The tires arrived for both cars as well. Dave chose Toyo tires for both of his builds and although Dave had received the tires for both builds, he is still awaiting the custom wheels to complete the install.

toyo-tiresBoth builds will include stereo entertainment equipment from Phoenix Gold. Phoenix Gold is most recognized for their lines of high-end mobile audio products, with award winning amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and processors.

When choosing products to feature in his builds, Dave likes to choose products from a core group of vendors and sponsors that he works with on a regular basis. With the variety in makes and models of vehicles he works with, sometimes this requires him to reach outside his vendor group for companies that manufacture products specifically for the vehicle he is working on.

As the builds start to take shape and really resemble the renderings Dave and Josh initially put together, the excitement for the unveil continues to build!

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