TailFlex®: LEDGlow’s New Flexible Tailgate LED Light Bar



LEDGlow’s TailFlex® LED Light Bar is the newest version of LEDGlow’s Tailgate light bar that will add a custom look as well as added visibility to alert other drivers at night. The TailFlex® tailgate light bar includes three different sizes, 36”, 49” or 60”, making this light bar available to anyone with an SUV, all the way up to a full sized pick-up truck. Each size TailFlex® light bar is available in two options, one that features red LEDs that will effectively alert other motorists on the road with running, brake, hazards, and turn signal light functions, and another light bar option that includes all the above features as well as white LEDs for reverse signals. The 36” TailFlex® LED Light Bar is the newest size to LEDGlow’s tailgate light bars and was specifically made with SUV and Jeep drivers in mind. The 49” TailFlex® LED Light Bar will create the perfect fit for your compact or mid-sized truck’s tailgate. Lastly we offer the 60” TailFlex® light bar which will fit a full sized truck such as Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, or a Ford Super Duty truck.


Each light bar includes a flat 4 pin trailer connection harness that offers plug and play connectivity and features 38 inches of wire length for maximum mounting capabilities. If your vehicle doesn’t have a trailer towing connection or you’re looking for a secure, hardwired connection, you can easily splice the light bar’s wires into your truck’s tail lights. Mounting the tailgate light bar is extremely simple with the double sided 3M Tape as well as using the included mounting brackets and self-tapping screws for added reinforcement.

LEDGlow offers an optional Tailgate Light Bar Y-Splitter Harness that allows you to easily install your light bar to your truck’s flat 4 pin connector, as well as powering your trailer lights simultaneously from the same harness. This y-splitter harness features a length of 18 inches with 9 inches of wire for both tailgate light bar and the trailer lights connections.

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your vehicle, grab the LEDGlow TailFlex® light bar! Each light bar will add a custom look while also alerting other driver’s while you drive at night!