Check us out in the September issue of Diesel Tech Magazine

LEDGlow’s Million Color SMD Underbody with Bluetooth Connectivity can be seen being installed to Project LBZ in September’s issue of Diesel Tech Magazine. As the Project LBZ build is near completion, the team installed a Million Color LED Underbody Kit to the underside of the truck.


The article outlines the process of installing the underbody kit. The installers ran into a few issues regarding the mounting locations and getting the brackets to fit on the locations chosen. As we always mention, every vehicle is different and you may have to work around some limitations when mounting your tubes to your vehicle. Not all undercarriages are built the same. However, the installers worked through the issues and got the Bluetooth Kit mounted and working efficiently. read more

LEDGlow’s Bluetooth App Version 2.0 is here!


LEDGlow’s Mobile Control App allows you to connect your underbody lighting kit with your Android or Apple devices through a secure Bluetooth connection.

The new update gives user a fresh interface with a larger color wheel and HD graphics to take advantage of the latest high resolution devices. Choosing a color has just become easier as users can press and hold the color wheel to zoom in for a magnified view to select that specific color variation. The update also provides users with a new help center which provides the most up to date tips, tutorials, and frequently asked questions regarding your Bluetooth controller and app. Lastly, version 2.0 has been fully updated to guarantee compatibility with the most up to date versions of Android and Apple devices. read more

Product Spotlight: SMD Underbody tubes are here!

If you are running any of our Million Color Pro or Mini interior kits, then you already know the bright illumination SMD light tubes produce. Well now, your vehicle’s underbody can sport that same brightness when you upgrade from 5mm LED tubes to the SMD technology!

You may be asking yourself what is the difference? What is SMD technology? SMD stands for Surface Mounted Diode and refers to an SMD chip which is made up of 3 concentrated RGB LEDs that allow for a lower profile tube and smoother operation than three individually colored 5mm LEDs. The SMD RGB technology produce a much brighter, wide angle illumination with less spotting than standard 5mm LEDS. Since the standard 5mm LEDs feature 3 individual colored LEDs this leaves room between each LED compared to the SMD chips which feature very little space between LEDs that work together to create that unified vibrant glow under your vehicle. Simply put, SMD strips are much brighter and allow for much thinner strips so you have the ability to mount them in tighter areas and completely hide the strip. read more