Tailgate Light Bars: TailFlex® vs. Rigid

As LEDGlow welcomed the new TailFlex® Tailgate Light Bar, we thought we’d help you out with understanding the differences between the original rigid Tailgate LED Light Bars and the brand new flexible TailFlex® LED Tailgate Light Bars. Both versions are highly durable and waterproof, with a slim design that will provide your truck with added style and visibility. Both light bar options feature SMD LEDs and are available with a white LED reverse light function.


The original LEDGlow Tailgate Light Bar is available in 49” for compact trucks or 60” for full size trucks. This light bar features ultra-bright LEDs for running, brake, hazard, and turn signal functions. If you choose the light bar with the reverse option, the light bar will contain ultra-bright white LEDs for the added reverse light signal function. This light bar can easily be installed with the included 3M™ tape and self-tapping screws. If your truck does not have a standard flat 4 pin connection, you can splice the included wire harness to your truck’s signal wires to give you a secure hard-wired connection. read more