Spotlight: Million Color LED Home Theater Lighting Kit


LEDGlow’s Home Theater LED Lighting Kit is the perfect addition to any television as it exerts you into any movie, television show or sporting event by setting the colors of the kit to match the environment of what you’re watching! Add this home theater accent lighting kit to your living room, bedroom or man cave to give that room a little extra personality and life. Each kit comes standard with four lighting tubes, two 15 inch and two 9 inch tubes, that utilize SMD technology which bring an ultra-bright, wide angle glow surrounding your television that will be the envy of all of your friends and visitors. The slim control box is the brain of the kit as it features countless color selections including blue, green, red, aqua, white, pink and purple along with different variations of those colors. Users can also select from multiple lighting effects such as color scanning, fading, sound activation and various brightness settings that add even more to the versatility of this home lighting kit. All of the home theater lighting kit’s featured colors and lighting patterns are easily selected with the included wireless remote.

The wireless remote works in conjunction with the infrared receiver that plugs directly into the designated port of the control box. Have a few favorite colors or patterns? This home ambient LED lighting kit allows you to save up to 4 custom presets that you can recall anytime you want with a simple click of a button on the wireless remote. If a certain lighting effect is performing too fast or too slowly, you would just press either of the speed adjustment buttons on the remote with the icon of the person walking to slow down the effect or running to speed it up. The remote features two brightness control buttons that allow you to adjust the set color either brighter for more life or dimmer for a more subtle viewing experience.

Each LED lighting tube is daisy chained to the next with the featured mini USB connections, eliminating the need to run all of the power wires to the central location of the control box. For users with bigger televisions or if you want to add more lighting tubes to your set up, this home theater lighting kit has the ability to be expanded to include up to a maximum of eight 15 inch tubes! Each tube is securely mounted to the back of your television with the included mounting brackets and 3M™ tape, and powered directly from your home’s power outlet with the 120 volt power supply. LEDGlow Lighting stands by each Home Theater LED Lighting Kit with a one year limited warranty, free lifetime technical support, as well as including all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions with every kit.

Check out our Home Theater Lighting Kit in action thanks to our friend John, The Flick Pick! He’s hilarious and loves using his LEDGlow Home Theater Lighting Kit when he watches movies! Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel!