Sometimes Things Happen, Check Out Our Replacement Parts!


Did you have an issue, break, or lose a piece of one of your LEDGlow kits? Whether it be for your underbody, interior, home theater, or golf cart kit; LEDGlow has you covered! Although LEDGlow offers the one year limited warranty on all of their products, sometimes things happen outside this coverage. Why buy an entire new kit when you just need one small part whether it be a new remote, new tube, or a new control box?

Before heading right to and scooping up a new kit, check our replacement parts section for the item you need. We urge you to first take advantage of our lifetime free technical support to see if we can troubleshoot or help the issue. You may find out that there may just be a loose wire causing one of your tubes to not light up. Our technical support is happy to help customers getting their products functioning properly or checking the warranty on the item to see how we can help. If the product is outside its warranty and cannot be fixed through our technical support, we will steer you in the right direction for the replacement part you need at the low cost you deserve!