Product Spotlight: SMD Underbody tubes are here!


If you are running any of our Million Color Pro or Mini interior kits, then you already know the bright illumination SMD light tubes produce. Well now, your vehicle’s underbody can sport that same brightness when you upgrade from 5mm LED tubes to the SMD technology!

You may be asking yourself what is the difference? What is SMD technology? SMD stands for Surface Mounted Diode and refers to an SMD chip which is made up of 3 concentrated RGB LEDs that allow for a lower profile tube and smoother operation than three individually colored 5mm LEDs. The SMD RGB technology produce a much brighter, wide angle illumination with less spotting than standard 5mm LEDS. Since the standard 5mm LEDs feature 3 individual colored LEDs this leaves room between each LED compared to the SMD chips which feature very little space between LEDs that work together to create that unified vibrant glow under your vehicle. Simply put, SMD strips are much brighter and allow for much thinner strips so you have the ability to mount them in tighter areas and completely hide the strip.

If you have a LEDGlow Bluetooth Enabled Million Color LED Underbody Kit, now is your chance to upgrade from your 5mm LED underbody lights to the new SMD technology. The 4pc. Million Color SMD Underbody Lights consist of two 48” and two 36” water resistant flexible underbody tubes that will replace your existing 5mm LED underbody tubes. This kit only includes the tubes and will sync with your existing Bluetooth Enabled Million Color Underbody Control Box and Bluetooth software for your IOS or Android device. This kit includes all the necessary mounting hardware such as brackets, screws, and zip ties, as well as free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty.

Not interested in the Bluetooth Connectivity but interest in the SMD tubes for your vehicle’s underbody? LEDGlow wants to introduce the Limited Edition Million Color SMD Underbody Lighting Kit for you! The Limited Edition SMD Underbody kit features the same SMD LEDs in the above mentioned kit to create a vibrant illumination to your vehicle’s underbody. This kit also includes two 48” and two 36” underbody tubes, a 4 button wireless remote, 4 button control box, music sensor, and an underbody junction cable. This kit features 18 solid color options, 12 flash patterns, 5 sound activation modes, 5 speed levels and a color cycle mode. This SMD Underbody Kit is expandable and allows you to add up to six Million Color SMD Interior Tubes for a custom glow inside and outside your vehicle. The Limited Edition SMD Underbody Kit includes all necessary mounting hardware, as well as free lifetime technical support and the one year limited warranty.

Check out the Expandable Million Color Pro SMD Interior Video below to see the SMD technology in action and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with EVERYTHING LEDGlow!