Popular Colors of Lighting Your Car’s Interior


Modifying your car gives you a sense of individuality, improving both the performance of the car and its style. Many people enjoy the sense of pride and accomplishment that individualizing parts of your car, such as the exhaust or the interior, gives them.

Modifying the exterior of your car is common. Adding different grilles or tires is passé. Show everyone your fresh interior. You can do this in many ways, but one of the top modifications today for car aficionados to make involves adding interior LED lighting.

More than just the lights, the colors you choose can really make a statement. Today, there are many colors and combinations that will light up the interior of your car or truck in ways you never thought possible.

What Are Interior LED Lights?

Nowadays, everybody has exterior LED lights. The colors for your exterior LED lights can often be restricted, however, due to local laws. Laws usually prohibit, for example, blue and red, as they can be mistaken for an emergency service vehicle. Other states ban all flashing exterior lights for the same reason.

These same restrictions do not always apply to the interior, though it is a good idea to avoid flashing red and blue LED lights anyway.

You can “trick out” the interior of your car with just about any other color combination of LED lighting, however, according to your personal taste.

Where Do You Install Interior LEDs?

You can install your interior LEDs in a number of locations inside a vehicle. These include:

  • Footwells
  • Under the Dash
  • Trunk
  • Floor

Types of Interior LED Car and Truck Lights

There are two basic types of interior car lights: LED strips and LED tubes.

LED Strips

LED strips can be rigid or flexible. The lengths vary, as do the number of lights. You can have single colors or multiple colors, depending on your personal preference as to what goes well with the interior colors.

The lights can be very bright or subdued. You can also control the strips and dim them, or even have them synchronized with music.

LED Tubes

LED tubes come in different widths as well as lengths. Like the strips, you can get any color you want. They come with a control panel, too, that will let you flash, chase, or blink in time to music.

Popular Colors

There are lots of different colors and styles to choose from, but the most popular colors are blue and red.

Night or Day

Hundreds of mini LED lights will come together to light up your interior. They are bright enough so that they can show off your interior during the day.

Interior lights, however, really stand out at night. Nighttime car shows are the perfect opportunity to showcase your modified interior with colors that match your exterior paint.

Color Combinations

LED interior lights come in many different colors. Primarily there are seven: blue, purple, red, green, yellow, white, and pink. You can mix up the colors or go with all one type.

If you do not think seven choices is enough, there is the Million Color Pro, which features 18 different, solid-color combination lights with multiple lighting modes. There are 36 SMD LEDs (Surface-Mounted Device Light Emitting Diodes) for exceptionally bright and clear color modes.


Match Your Interior

No matter what your personality, there is an LED interior color that will match. The most common shades of blue are royal blue and tiffany blue (a mixture of blue and green). Those are definitely eye catching. Orange and red are used for more of a standard professional look, whereas the deep purple features a fun side. The yellow LED color will turn heads when you’re driving on the track.

Match Your Exterior

Many people choose to have their interior lights match the vehicle’s exterior color. Common combinations include a black exterior with a blue interior, white outside and red inside or, if you want a more classic look, a black exterior with yellow highlighting the inside.

Final Thoughts

Accessorizing your vehicle with interior lighting can make heads turn whenever your car or truck passes by. It does not matter what make or model of vehicle you have; interior lighting can be one of the most attractive add-ons you can install on your vehicle.

The numerous LED lighting options available permit you to use interior lighting in just about any way you can imagine, improving the looks of your vehicle.