Interior LED Lighting Kit Buyers Guide: Everything You Need to Know

interior LED lights

If you’re looking to add any of LEDGlow’s interior LED lights to your vehicle, you need to read this post carefully. It can become difficult when deciding which of our interior light kits would look and fit best in your car for the price you’re willing to spend. How big is my interior? How many tubes do I want connected? These are a few questions you should be asking yourself before you start the search for the right interior kit for your vehicle. Each of our interior kits is unique in its own way, ranging from the different types of LEDs used, different tube lengths, expandability of a kit, as well as controlling all of the kit’s functions with a wireless remote. Below is an overview of each interior kit we currently sell where we explain everything that the kit has to offer. read more

LEDGlow’s Bluetooth Enabled Control Box: The Game Changer

Take a look around you next time you’re out in public. How many people do you see using a smartphone or mobile device? A lot, I bet and that number is only going to continue to grow. You may even be reading this post from a smartphone. With smartphones and other mobile devices becoming more and more common in today’s society, we decided to utilize and combine existing technologies to develop a revolutionary product that will change the way we use our aftermarket LED lighting kits forever. After tireless months of research and development, we think our Bluetooth Enabled Control Box is exactly what both car enthusiasts and smartphone users alike are looking for in a versatile product that they can conveniently control with a few simple swipes of a finger. read more

LED Lighting Kits vs. Neon Lighting Kit, What’s the Difference?!

We always get the question, what’s better LED or Neon?  Should I buy an LED underglow lighting kit or should I buy a Neon underglow kit?  The answer isn’t necessarily which is better, its more what do you prefer.  This post is going to give the information you will need to make an informed decision, and hopefully when you are done reading you will have a better understanding on the differences!

When looking for an underbody lighting kit, interior lighting kit, motorcycle LED lights, or another aftermarket vehicle lighting kit, price is always a factor.  You want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.  When you start looking for an underglow or interior lighting kit, you will notice that Neon lighting kits are usually more expensive than an LED lighting kit.  The reason being it that Neon is takes more time to manufacture, thus making it more expensive. read more