Look No Further, LEDGlow’s Million Color Wireless Truck Underbody Is What You’ve Been Waiting For!


Looking to add an underbody to your truck? LEDGlow’s Million Color Wireless Truck Underbody is the perfect addition for a stylish underbody illumination to any truck! This truck lighting underbody uses 474 ultra-bright SMD LEDs housed in (2) 46”, (2) 36”, and (2) 24” tubes to add a bright multi-color underglow with endless color options!

Each LED Lighting tube features a flat design for endless mounting capabilities while taking up less space under your truck. With this kit, LEDGlow provides first-of-its-kind, 15° angled, clear mounting brackets to allow for a wider color spill as the illumination can shine through the brackets for a spotless glow.

The Million Color Wireless Truck Underbody will brighten up the undercarriage of your truck with 18 solid color modes, 12 flashing patterns, 5 sound activation modes, 5 speed levels and 1 color cycle mode that will allow you to loop through each featured solid color! The 18 solid colors features blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, white, teal, light green, light blue, violet, lime green, medium blue, pale green, baby blue, fuchsia and lavender. Easily select the color pattern of your choice by using the included control box or wireless remote. Plug the included music sensor into the side of the control box to allow your underbody lights to react to the beat of the music when using the sound activation modes. Don’t worry about remembering the last color or pattern that you were using before powering your truck down as your control box will recall this mode when you power back on.

Each lighting tube features 13’ of power wire, aside from the rear 36” tube that features 18’ of power wire and the 24” tubes that feature 16’ of power wire. The longer wiring offers more freedom when mounting your tubes allowing for enough wiring to reach from the back of the truck to the front engine bay where the underbody junction cable will be mounted.

Not only does this truck underbody include 6 pieces, but this kit is expandable and allows for additional tubes to be installed. Your add-on options include adding a 24” grille light tube to your set up for the ultimate front end lighting that will shine through the grille of your truck. Interior lighting can easily be added as the control box features an interior tube add-on port located on the front end of the control box. This allows for you to install up to (6) 15” interior tubes to the footwell, under seat or under dashboard areas of your pick up! If you’re looking for an easier way of selecting your lighting effects, upgrade to the smartphone control box to control your kit using your smartphone device. The smartphone control box is compatible with your Android or iOS device and allows you to customize your lighting using the LEDGlow Mobile Control App. With the LEDGlow Mobile App you can virtually create any color using the integrated color wheel as well as 10 unique underbody lighting modes that allow you to change brightness and pattern speed. Find colors or patterns you really love? Save them to your presets for a quick and easy recall at any time.

With all of the options available to you with the Million Color Wireless SMD Truck Underbody Lighting Kit it surely would be the perfect addition to give your truck head-turning customization!

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