What are SMD LEDs?


We always get the question, “What are SMD LEDs?” With more and more of our LED lighting kits featuring SMD technology, this is a very important question. SMD LEDs are surface mounted LED chips that produce a much brighter and spotless glow than 5mm LEDs or any other type of single LED bulb. Each SMD chip contains 3 LEDs that work together to bring you that ultra-vibrant, wide angle glow you’re looking for in a LED lighting kit.

LEDGlow’s multi-color SMD lighting kits utilize 3 different colored LEDs to bring all of the included colors to life. It uses Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) LEDs with different voltages of each to display a certain color from your LED lighting kit. For example, if you want to set your kit to the color Orange, the LEDs used to make this color would be mostly Red LEDs with a bit Green LEDs mixed in to create the perfect Orange color. Confusing? A little bit, but thankfully the control box does all of the work for you. Single color SMD lighting kits are brighter than multi-color kits because the LEDs within the SMD chip are all the same color. This allows for single color SMD kits to come standard with multiple brightness levels for you to find your preference.

As I mentioned above, more of our kits are being redesigned by featuring SMD technology because we want to offer the most innovative and advanced LED lighting products as possible for our consumers. A few multi-color SMD lighting kits that are customer favorites include our Million Color SMD Pro Interior Kit, Million Color SMD Mini Interior Kit, Advanced Million Color SMD Motorcycle Lighting Kit, as well as home accent lighting kits such as the Home Theater LED Lighting Kit and Commercial Lighting Kit. Our customer favorite single color SMD kits include Single Color SMD Interior Lighting Kits and Advanced Single Color SMD Motorcycle Lighting Kits. If you want to know more about SMD technology or have any questions about the LED lightings kits listed above, don’t hesitate to ask.