Spotlight: Commercial LED Lighting Kit


Are you looking to add custom, multi-color lighting to your home, store or business? LEDGlow’s Commercial LED Lighting Kit is the perfect addition to any residential home application such as under/above cabinets, below bars, recessed ceiling or behind crown molding. Whatever application this lighting kit is installed to will be sure to turn heads.

LEDGlow’s Commercial Light Kit includes four 40 inch multi-color light tubes that feature 30 ultra-bright SMD LEDs per tube for a total of 120 SMD LEDs! The included control box can power up to 7 lighting tubes and is packed with features that include 7 solid color modes, 1 color cycle mode, 2 color fade modes, 1 sound activation mode, as well as 4 independent brightness levels and 3 different speed modes for even further customization. Every lighting pattern featured in the control box is easily selected with the included wireless remote that works in unison with the infrared receiver, which is also included with the kit. You can power your kit, change the shade of each solid color or even you’re your favorite colors or patterns with a few simple clicks on the remote.

If the included four lighting tubes aren’t sufficient for your desired lighting scheme, the commercial lighting kit has the ability to be expanded to include a countless number of tubes to your set up by adding an expansion driver to your existing kit. Each lighting tube is 1/4 inch thick and can be connected to the next tube in sequence through the daisy chaining capability. The commercial lighting kit also includes a USB wiring harness if you feel that daisy chaining the tubes isn’t the best option for your set up. This commercial lighting kit’s power supply comes with 9.5 feet of wire and plugs into any standard 120v power outlet. Standard with every LEDGlow product, the commercial lighting kit comes included with installation instructions and hardware, free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty.