Ride into the night with LEDGlow Lights


Spring is here and what better time to add LEDGlow lights to your motorcycle? After a cold and messy winter, we are ready to hop back on our bikes and ride. LEDGlow is your go to for LED lighting kits that will add that bright illumination you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re looking for a single color glow or multi-color options, LEDGlow has got you covered!

Riders may choose between our Advanced Motorcycle Lighting Kits in single or multi-color options, Classic Single Color Motorcycle Lighting Kits, Flex Million Color Motorcycle Lighting Kit, Motorcycle Pod Lights in single or multi-color options, or one of our three LiteTrike® Kit options.

The Advanced Single Color SMD Motorcycle Lights add a vibrant glow to any motorcycle by utilizing SMD technology, available in blue, red, green, pink, white, orange, purple, or yellow. These kits are offered in 6 to 18 piece options and include a solid color mode with 4 brightness levels, 3 flashing patterns, and 1 fading mode. Each strip is 1/8 of an inch in depth, waterproof, and comes with 4 feet of power wire for maximum mounting capabilities. These strips have the ability to be cut every 2 SMD chips for easier mounting in smaller and tighter locations on your bike.

The Advanced Million Color Motorcycle SMD Lights are available in 6 to 30 piece kits and utilize the same SMD technology. The Million Color kit includes 15 solid color modes, such as blue, red, green, yellow, purple, teal, white, orange, pink, and more. The kit also includes 2 color cycle modes, 3 flashing modes, and 1 fading mode. This kit is great for riders that really want to stand out from the crowd and not be limited to one color option!

The Classic Single Color Motorcycle Lights will illuminate your bike using high intensity, wide angle 5mm LEDs and are available in blue, ice blue, red, green, white, pink, purple, orange, or yellow. These kits are offered in 6 to 20 piece options and include a solid color mode with 4 brightness levels, 3 strobing modes, and 1 fading mode. Each strip is ¼ of an inch in depth, waterproof, and comes with 5 feet of wire allowing for maximum mounting capabilities. Each strip is flexible and allows you to bend or curve them to fit your desired mounting location.

The Flexible Million Color Motorcycle Lighting Kit features 6 flexible tubes that are 6 inches in length and house a total of 72 ultra-bright wide angle LEDs. The easily hidden control box features 15 solid color modes including blue, green, orange, purple, white, as well as different shades of these colors. The kit also includes 7 flash patterns and 3 color cycle modes, which are all easily selected by using the included 4 button wireless remote. Each flexible tube includes 4 feet of wire and can easily bend or curve to mount onto your motorcycle using the included 3M tape and screws.

The Motorcycle SMD Pod Lights are available in multi-color or single color options. This kit is available in 8 to 20 pods and will add a vibrant underglow to your bike. Each pod is .30 of an inch thick, the single color pods feature five ultra-bright SMD LEDs per pod, whereas the advanced million color pods feature 3 ultra-bright RGB SMD LEDs per pod. The single color pod kits are available in blue, green, red, white, orange, pink, purple, and yellow. Each single color pod lighting kit is powered by an on/off switch with an option to add a control box with lighting patterns and a wireless remote control, whereas the Advanced Million Color SMD Pod Kits is powered by the Advanced Million Color control box and 4 button wireless remote. The Advanced Million Color SMD Pod Light Kit features the same 15 solid color modes as the previously mentioned Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Kit with 3 flashing modes, 2 color cycle modes, and 1 fading mode.

Our LiteTrike® Million Color kits were specifically designed to illuminate larger bikes such as the Goldwing Trike, Harley Trike, or Can-Am. Each kit features the standard lighting modes seen on all of our Advanced Million Color Motorcycle lighting kits, as well as a wide range of strip lengths and the ability to cut after every third LED for endless mounting opportunities. Our Lite Trike® I kit includes 12 LED lighting strips, Lite Trike® II kit includes 18 strips, and Lite Trike® III includes 18 strips as well as two 36” flexible wheel strips. All three kits include flexible strips ranging from 24” in length to 3” in length.

All of LEDGlow’s Motorcycle lighting kits include a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support. Not only will a LEDGlow motorcycle lighting kit give you a custom unique glow but will add to your safety by giving you added visibility when riding your bike at night. Ride into the night with confidence with your LEDGlow lighting kit!