Low Profile Expandable Circuits Have Arrived!


You guys asked for it and we delivered! Now available for purchase at LEDGlow.com are Low Profile Expandable Circuits. Low Profile Expandable Circuits are used when powering your LED lighting kit, whether it’s an interior lighting kit or an underbody lighting kit, directly from your vehicle’s fuse box. This is the easiest and most efficient way to install your LED lighting kit. You’ll just simply remove a stock 10amp fuse from your fuse box, insert the expandable circuit into the empty fuse slot, and insert the stock 10amp fuse into one of the open slots of your expandable circuit, along with the 4amp fuse you received with your expandable circuit. You’ll then crimp the red power wire into the blue butt connector of the expandable circuit, ground the black wire to a bare metal location in your car and you’re set! Low profile fuses have been introduced within the last few years, so make sure you vehicle uses low profile fuses before you decide to purchase this low profile expandable circuit model. LEDGlow includes a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support with each expandable circuit purchased.