Different Ways to Power Your LED Lighting Kit


Wondering what the best way is to power your LEDGlow Lighting Kit? Explained below are 3 different ways you can use to install your aftermarket LED lighting kit to your vehicle. Users can add installation accessories to their kit, such as an Expandable Circuit or Cigarette Lighter Adapter that will make the installation process a breeze or you can use the kit’s included power wires to install directly to your vehicle’s battery. These accessories are ideal for installing your Underbody LED Lighting Kit, Interior LED Lighting Kit, Wheel Well LED Lighting Kit and much more!

Expandable Circuit:

Installing your LED lighting kit with LEDGlow’s Expandable Circuit allows you to tap into your vehicle’s fuse box without having to splice into your vehicle’s existing wiring. Users can choose from either a Mini Expandable Circuit for fuses sized at 3/8 of an inch wide or a Standard ATO (ATC) Expandable Circuit for fuses 3/4 of an inch wide. Each add a circuit comes standard with a 4 amp fuse that is required and used as circuit protection for the expandable circuit. If too much power is going to the kit, it will short the 4 amp fuse rather than the entire circuit and stock fuse from your car. To install the add a circuit to your fuse box, you will simply crimp the red power wire from the kit to the blue butt connector and ground the black wire to a bare metal location. You can ground the black wire to any bolt in your car by using an eyelid connector or just the wire itself to your radio or seat tracks for example.

When selecting which fuse to use to power your kit, we recommend the fuse be no higher than 10 amps. The maximum amperage that the Expandable Circuit can withstand is 20 amps, but it’s better to be on the safe side and avoid too much power going to the kit which could result in shorting it. The Expandable Circuit is an optional installation accessory that is NOT included with your LED lighting kit.

Priced at $6.99

Cigarette Lighter Adapter:

LEDGlow’s Cigarette Lighter Adapter is the easiest and fastest way to power your LED lighting kit. You just simply crimp the red and black wires from your kit to the male quick connectors of the adapter and then insert those into the female connectors. You’d then plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter port and turn your kit on! It’s that easy! The one downfall when powering your kit via the Cigarette Lighter Adapter is that you will not be able to use the cigarette lighter port for any other accessory in your car. The Cigarette Lighter Adapter is an optional installation accessory that is sold separately from your LED lighting kit.

Priced at $3.99

Bare Power/Ground Wires:

When installing your LED lighting kit with the included power and ground wires, you are making the commitment to install these wires directly to the positive and negative terminals of your vehicle’s battery. When running the power wires to the battery that’s located under the hood, you will have to pass through either the firewall or any other metal wall. It’s important that you make sure to use an existing grommet or place a new grommet on the hole to prevent the wires from being pinched or cut. If the included power wires aren’t long enough to reach the location of the battery whether it’s under the hood or in the trunk of your vehicle, you can extend the wires using 16 or 18 gauge automotive grade wiring. Just make sure the fuse is at least 6-8 inches away from the battery of your vehicle.