Spice up your Vehicle this Season with an LED Underbody Lighting Kit!


Looking to spice up your vehicle this fall and winter? Adding some accent lighting can really add that special touch. LEDGlow’s Underglow Lighting Kits are perfect for adding that unique, head turning style to any car or truck! Choosing which kit will fit best for you can be difficult. Our top selling kits include the Million Color SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit with Bluetooth Connectivity, Advanced 3 Million Underbody Lighting Kit, as well as Single Color Underglow Lighting Kit options.

LEDGlow’s Million Color SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit with Bluetooth Connectivity is designed to integrate your existing Android or iOS device with your LED underbody product to give you unparalleled control over your underbody and interior lighBluetooth-appting. The Million Color SMD Underbody Kit utilizes surface mounted RGB LEDs to produce an extremely vibrant and spotless color effect under your vehicle. This kit includes four water resistant tubes that feature a total of 252 ultra-bright, wide angle RGB LEDs, and a four button control box with Bluetooth connectivity. The integrated color wheel allows for a full customization or primary or secondary colors, allowing you to create any solid color option you imagine. The color patterns include 10 unique customizable lighting modes, pattern speed, and brightness levels. The LEDGlow Mobile Control App provides 5 present buttons to save each customized pattern for a quick recall of your favorite modes. As if this kit doesn’t stand out enough on its own, it’s easily expandable and gives you the opportunity to add up to 6 interior lighting tubes that can also be controlled using the app as well.

Next up is the Advanced 3 Million USB Wireless LED Underbody Lighting Kit is a fully customizable multi-color underbody kit which allows you to program patterns, colors, pattern speed, and other functions. The kit features four water resistant acrylic tubes with a total of 394 ultra-bright wide angle LEDS. With 7 present solid color modes, 18 different shades of each preset color, as well as the ability to create any solid color of your choice, this kit adds vibrant color and customization to give your vehicle your own personal style. The kit includes 9 preset lighting patterns including color cycle, color fading, color chasing, and sound activation mode, which can all be controlled using your 4 button wireless remote in conjunction with the Advanced 3 Million Control Box. The Advanced 3 Million Underbody kit allows you to add on a wheel well kit, interior kit, or a grill light, which can all sync with your Advanced 3 Million Control Box and Underbody kit, making this a great option if you’re not interested in adding the Bluetooth connectivity.

Lastly if you’re looking to just add a single color underglow and don’t want to deal with the endless color options and modes, you can get a Single Color Wireless LED Underbody Lighting Kit. The Single Color Underbody kits come in blue, red, green, pink, white, purple, orange, and yellow. These kits include 4 water resistant light tubes with 126 ultra-bright wide angle LEDs. The Single Color Wireless LED Underbody kit is designed to add a solid color illumination to your vehicle’s underbody with 12 unique lighting effects and 5 sound activation modes. The modes can be easily cycled through using the included 4 button wireless remote or the easy to use control box, which features a memory mode to remember the last mode used before powering down your vehicle. This kit is great for drivers who just want to add one color illumination to their vehicle at an extremely affordable price.

All of LEDGlow’s underbody kits include all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions. Each kit is backed with free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with every purchase. LED Underbody kits are great for gifts or to give your own vehicle that customized style to stand out on the road!