Product Spotlight: LEDGlow’s Flexible Wheel Well Lighting Kits, a simple addition for some added customization!


Looking to spice up your ride? Want to add a special, stylish glow without going over the top? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your Advanced 3 Million Underbody to include wheel well lights or you only want to add a bright glow to your wheels and rims, LEDGlow has you covered with its Wheel Well Lighting Kit options. LEDGlow offers wheel well kits in solid or multi-color options and will give your vehicle’s wheel well, rims, and tires a custom, vibrant glow. The multi-color options include the Million Color Wheel Well Kit and the Advanced 3 Million USB Wheel Well kit and feature a variety of solid color modes as well as scan, flash, chase, color cycle, color fade, and sound activation modes. The single color kit options include blue, red, green, pink, white, orange, purple, and yellow.

If you’re looking to add this in conjunction with your existing Advanced 3 Million underbody kit, then the Advanced 3 Million Wheel Well Kit is your match. LEDGlow’s Advanced 3 Million Kit features a USB extender kit that will seamlessly connect to your Advanced 3 Million Underbody control box and will sync with your existing kit as they both will function off the same control box allowing you to have simultaneous lighting effects being controlled with one wireless remote. This will leave you with no light gaps to your vehicle’s underbody and make for a more complete glow. This is not possible with either the Million Color or Single Color Wheel Well kits as they cannot be added onto an existing underbody lighting kit. These wheel well kits feature their own control box and will need to be powered by a separate 12v power source. These kits are great for those looking to just add wheel well lighting to their vehicle or are currently running a different underbody kit. The Million Color wheel well kit is controlled using a wireless remote, whereas the Single Color Wheel Well Kit uses a wired control box that can be routed directly into the interior of your vehicle for easy use.

Each Wheel Well Lighting Kit comes standard with four 24 inch flexible tubes that can easily be installed behind the strut facing the rim or in the fender well directly above the tire. It is extremely important that the power wire of each tube faces the rear of your vehicle to the central location of the junction box, so the patterns will sequence correctly. Make sure that the wires do not come in contact with any moving parts as well as being kept at least 6 inches away from any direct heat source. Each flexible wheel well tube is manufactured from extremely durable rubber and features 10 feet of power wire for maximum mounting capabilities. Each wheel well kit purchase includes all necessary mounting hardware, as well as free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty. Use this time to get your wheels glowing for those upcoming warm night rides!