What to Expect at SEMA 2016


sema-carsAs the clock keeps ticking and we get closer and closer to SEMA, plans and information regarding specific events continue to be released. Kick off your SEMA 2016 trip on Monday, October 31st (Happy Halloween!) with some great seminars that will help aid in building business and give you the edge moving into the new year. Tuesday, November 1st is when the action will really start to heat up and continue on throughout the week with exhibits running daily from 8am-6pm and plenty of educational seminars and product demonstrations.

After parties and special events will kick off on Thursday with the SEMA Show Industry Awards Banquet at the Westgate Las Vegas Casino & Hotel. The SEMA Industry Awards Banquet celebrates the industry’s achievements. The Awards banquet is held annually and features nearly 3,000 automotive icons, professionals, supporters and celebrities. Friday, November 4th will host the SEMA Battle of the Builders Competition to highlight all the custom-built vehicles and their builders, which will be followed up by the annual SEMA cruise parade. The cruise will begin as the show ends at 4pm and all the exhibit booths start to pack up. The parade, one of SEMA’s most anticipated aspects, will parade the featured custom builds around the Convention Center and will include awards, giveaways and plenty of entertainment celebrating all of the builds and a week full of automotive innovation. The parade will make way for SEMA’s final and newest event, SEMA Ignited, an all access car show. SEMA Ignited started in 2014, as the only event of the week that allows the general public to join in on the SEMA fun with an opportunity to view hundreds of customized vehicles featuring the newest products from the SEMA show. As the show gets closer, hundreds of other after hour events, parties, and networking opportunities will be announced that will be taking place all throughout Vegas.

painting-doorsFor Dave Lightner, SEMA seems a lot closer, as he is a little less than three weeks away from the date when his builds must be on the road for their pre-SEMA photoshoots and PR events with Hyundai. Dave has been spending a lot of time collecting all the parts he needs. Sometimes this requires driving all over to get specific parts or waiting on delivery. Since one of his builds had already finished the exterior modifications with paint and reassembly, this week was dedicated to working on brakes. Dave is still awaiting suspension for this vehicle and hopes to have that delivered to work on this weekend. This build received some tender love on the interior with upholstered seats and awaits an entertainment display from Creative Car-Tunes to be installed into the trunk. While the other build was a little farther behind, this week was dedicated to finishing its exterior modifications including sanding and painting. Dave got a chance to drop off all the performance parts at Powder Works to get coated. This weekend Dave plans to get a lot of work finished by installing all of the 845 Motorsports performance parts and get the Neo Motorsports brakes and suspension installed on the second car to get the entire car reassembled.cobra-seat

For Dave, not only is anxiety running high to get both cars finished by October 12th, he’s also experienced a small bump in the road with his transportation plans: he may not have a trailer to carry his builds to Hyundai’s headquarters in time.

Join us next week, as the road to SEMA continues as Dave irons out the details of his trip and finishes off his builds!

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