LEDGlow Advanced Million Color Slingshot Lights



LEDGlow loves to see what customers can do with our LEDGlow lighting kits. Although these kits are developed with certain vehicles in mind, all of our kits are universal. The possibilities are almost endless when adding LEDGlow lighting to any vehicle. Recently, we created the Advanced Million Color Slingshot® Lighting Kit to illuminate the Polaris Slingshot®. The Polaris Slingshot® is an unorthodox three-wheeled motorcycle vehicle as it does not hold up to the safety standards of a car. This vehicle is considered a motorcycle as it does not include airbags and both drivers and passengers must wear a helmet.

For our install we wanted to really light this Slingshot® up, so we used 25 strips total! To achieve total brightness we used six 24” strips, two 18”, two 10.5”, four 8.5”, fourteen 6.5”, and four 4.5” led strips. To complete the install with this many strips, we had to use three 5’ extension harnesses, two 2pc. add-on harnesses, three 4pc. add-on harnesses, two 6pc. add-on harnesses, and one 6pc. power harness.

The Advanced Million Color Slingshot® Lighting Kit uses surface mounted RGB LED technology to allow for extremely vibrant and bright color modes for added visibility and a custom style. This remarkable SMD lighting kit features 15 solid color modes, 2 color cycle modes, 3 flashing modes, and 1 fading mode. With the Smartphone Control Box you can control all of the kit’s lighting features directly from the palm of your hand through the LEDGlow Motorcycle Control App. The Smartphone Control Box adds customization with a dual zone control feature, automatic brake light feature, hazard lights feature, and the first-of-its-kind low voltage shut off setting to help conserve the battery life of your Slingshot’s battery. The Advanced Million Color Slingshot® Lighting Kit is available in a 20, 32, or 50 piece kit size to allow for ultimate brightness.

Put your creativity to the test and see what you can do with LEDGlow! Check out our Polaris Slingshot® video below.