Ride in Style with LEDGlow’s Million Color Golf Cart Lights

Golf carts can be great for a variety of transportation uses. In the past you may have only found golf carts on the green, but as of late golf carts are being used as utility vehicles for a variety of different uses. Nowadays you may spot golf carts being used by locals for transportation around their neighborhood, marina or camp ground. The use of golf carts doesn’t stop with residential use, as businesses are finding great use for carts as well. Hotels, airports, college campuses, car dealerships, and other businesses find golf carts useful to cart guests around smoothly with style. Employees find that carts make outdoor maintenance and daily tasks easier to accomplish in a timely manner with the assistance of carts to move around the larger office complexes and warehouses. read more

LEDGlow’s Completely Redesigned Waterproof Control Box

LEDGlow’s Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Lighting Kits now features a completely redesigned circular waterproof control box! The waterproof design allows you to be worry-free from any water damage or void to warranty when riding your bike in contact with any moisture or wet elements.

round-waterproof-control-boxThe round design measures 1 5/8” in diameter and 5/8” in height for a small compact design that can easily be installed to any small compartment on your bike. We recommend installing your control box under your seat or to another compartment that can easily be hidden from the naked eye. Attached to the control box is 18” of wire with a male modular connector that connects to the power harness and 12” of power and ground wires to connect to the battery and power the kit. The power wire features a waterproof 2 amp inline blade fuse that protects the power circuit of the control box from any damage. read more

The Redesigned Wireless Single Color Underbody Lighting Kits

single-color-wireless-orange-chargerLEDGlow’s Wireless Single Color Underbody Lighting Kits have been revamped to use SMD technology to create a spotless underglow to any vehicle. Each Underbody Kit universally fits 126 ultra-bright SMD LEDs that are housed in (2) 48” and (2) 36” Underbody tubes that now feature a flat design with 15 degree angled mounting brackets that will take up less space on your vehicle’s undercar while producing a much brighter color surrounding the bottom of your vehicle.

new-wireless-vs-old-wireless-underbodySingle Color Wireless Underbody Kits are available in blue, red, green, pink, white, orange, purple and yellow. Each Underbody features 12 unique lighting patterns and 5 sound activation modes that can easily be controlled using the included wireless remote and corresponding buttons located directly on the control box. read more