Increase your Truck’s Style and Visibility on the Road

Looking to add a little extra visibility to your truck? LEDGlow’s 2pc Side Marker & Courtesy LED Lighting Kit is the perfect addition to make your truck stand out on the road by enhancing illumination and safety. The versatility of this kit allows you to choose between adding running lights or the turn signal light feature to the side of your truck, while providing a courtesy light function.

This 2pc Side Marker and Courtesy lighting kit allows you to effectively add more visibility to your truck with different lighting features. To add illumination to the sides of the truck alerting other motorists of your presence, connect the orange wire to the headlight switch source to access the running light feature. This feature will illuminate your sides with ultra-bright amber LEDs that make your truck more visible when driving at night, in the rain or during foggy and overcast weather conditions. read more

Advanced Ice Blue Motorcycle Lights

LEDGlow’s Advanced Single Color Motorcycle Lights are now available in the popular ice blue color! Previously ice blue had only been available in our Classic Motorcycle Lighting Series, but now you can finally get ice blue in our Advanced Single Color Motorcycle Lights with SMD technology.

moto_advanced_iceblue_4The Ice Blue Motorcycle Lights are offered in 6-18pc kit options. Each strip is 1/8” in depth allowing it to be mounted in tighter areas. The Advanced Ice Blue Motorcycle Lights features a solid color mode with 4 brightness levels, 3 flashing modes, and 1 fading mode that can all easily be selected using one of the upgraded two wireless remotes. read more

The Newest Technology – Smartphone-Controlled Underbody Lighting

Remember the days when you used to have to walk up to your car and turn the key to unlock it? Unless you own a classic car, these days likely feel far in the past, more and more each day, thanks to the ever-increasing prominence of technology. Overall, that’s not the worst thing in the world. Many of today’s innovations have made our lives easier, and even those that are not necessarily practical are certainly entertaining. The smartphone seems to be at the center of it all.

Smartphones have been a part of and, quite frankly, have been the source of numerous technological advances over the last several years. They can open your garage, make sure your house is locked, and turn off your lights. There’s even a smartphone app that allows you to control paper airplanes. The possibilities are seemingly endless, as there are new ways in which to use smartphones sprouting up every day. Which brings us to one of the newest smartphone innovations – smartphone-controlled LED underbody lighting. read more