How to Install Interior Car Lights

Installing interior car lights can be intimidating—no doubt about it! Just the thought of installing LED lights can make even the most naturally talented mechanic roll his or her eyes in horror. Soldering guns, screwdrivers, two-way toggle switches, electrical tape—these are only some of the many tools needed to manually install interior car lights.

But, fear no more! This inclusive guide on how to install interior car lights should help you immensely. Today, you can avoid the time and hassle of manually installing interior car lights by purchasing kits like these. Not only do these kits make the entire installation process easier, but you can also choose the type and color of car lights you want. In addition, many kits come with a warranty and generous technical support from the seller. read more

Installation Tips for Interior Lighting Kits

interior LED lights


Installing a LEDGlow Interior Lighting Kit could become a frustrating process if you don’t plan out how you want to install your new kit. A few things you should keep in mind prior to the installation are where you want to mount the interior tubes, where you want to mount the control box and how you want to power the kit. If you do these three things, the installation will go smooth and leave you with a picture perfect finished product.

Mock Out Tube Locations:

Whether you have a multi-color or single color LEDGlow 4pc LED Interior Lighting Kit or even an Expandable SMD Interior Lighting Kit, you need to plan out where you want to mount the tubes. A few locations where you can mount the tubes are under the driver/passenger dashboard, under the front of the driver/passenger seats facing the foot wells, under the driver/passenger seats facing the back seats and even in the trunk! The 4pc Interior Lighting Kits’ tubes are attached to the control box with 6ft of wire between the control box and the tube, whereas the Expandable SMD Interior’s Tubes daisy chain to the next tube in the sequence and includes two pair of 9.5ft and 5ft wires in a standard 4pc kit. It is extremely important to ensure you have enough wire to mount the tube to your desired location. If not, you might have to find another spot. The variety of different tube lengths LEDGlow offers could also play a big role on where you want to mount the interior tubes. LEDGlow’s Million Color Pro and Single Color SMD Interior Lighting Kits feature 12 inch flexible tubes, 4pc Interior Lighting Kits feature 9 inch tubes that cannot be bent and Million Color Mini Interior Kits feature 4 inch flexible tubes. read more

Powering Your LED Kit from Your Vehicle’s Battery

As you are aware of, LEDGlow offers a variety of installation accessories to power your LED lighting kit ranging from expandable circuits that tap power directly from your vehicle’s fuse box or a cigarette lighter adapter that easily plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port. As we recommend using either one of the two accessories to install your LED lighting kit, you can easily install your kit with the included red power and black ground wires directly to your vehicle’s battery. The tools you will need to install the kit using this method are a wire stripper, wire crimper, 16 or 18 gauge automotive grade wiring, eyelet connectors and butt connectors. read more