Give Your Golf Cart a Lighting Makeover – Creative Ideas and Pro Advice

Golf carts are great for getting around from point A to point B, whether on the golf course or just around your community, but they don’t have to be simplistic, utilitarian vehicles.  In fact, if you’re going to own a golf cart, then why not really make it your own with some great customizations that are both practical and stylish?  Here we’ll go over a variety of creative ideas for using different forms of lighting to create a unique, customized look for any golf cart.

Colored LED Light Tubes

LED lighting tubes can be used for a variety of purposes on golf carts, especially if you have a good assortment of colors and lighting options to choose from.  Perhaps you simply want to increase your lighting options for the purpose of greater access to vehicle storage or for better nighttime visibility, in which case you could certainly opt for clear LED lights.  LED lights are exceptionally bright, meaning you don’t have to invest in quite so many lighting kits in order to get the job done. read more

Check us out in the September issue of Diesel Tech Magazine

LEDGlow’s Million Color SMD Underbody with Bluetooth Connectivity can be seen being installed to Project LBZ in September’s issue of Diesel Tech Magazine. As the Project LBZ build is near completion, the team installed a Million Color LED Underbody Kit to the underside of the truck.


The article outlines the process of installing the underbody kit. The installers ran into a few issues regarding the mounting locations and getting the brackets to fit on the locations chosen. As we always mention, every vehicle is different and you may have to work around some limitations when mounting your tubes to your vehicle. Not all undercarriages are built the same. However, the installers worked through the issues and got the Bluetooth Kit mounted and working efficiently. read more

Take Your Pontoon for a Cruise with LEDGlow’s Marine Boat LED Lights!

Summer is upon us here on the east coast and it’s the perfect time to go for a cruise on the water at night. LEDGlow recommends gassing up the pontoon boat and getting it lit up with LEDGlow’s Marine Boat Lighting Kit! Pontoon boat lights will add a unique glow to your boat making you the talk of the waters.

The Million Color Marine Boat Lighting Kit is available in six to twelve piece kits with the ability to add on tubes to power a total of 20 tubes. The flexible tubes are 20 inches in length and waterproof. Each light tube utilizes SMD LED technology which allows for an ultra-bright, spotless glow to your pontoon boat’s port or starboard sides, console, or under the pontoon deck. The million color control box features 15 different solid colors that include blue, green, red, pink, orange, purple, yellow, teal, white, and more, as well as 2 million color cycle modes, 3 flashing modes, and 1 fade mode. All of these modes can be easily selected using one of the wireless remotes. If you’re only looking to add a specific ambient lighting to your pontoon, LEDGlow offers single color Marine Boat Lighting Kits available in blue, green, red, or white. read more