The Evolution of Underbody Light Kits – From Original Concepts to Smartphone Controlled


Customizing vehicles has been a popular endeavor ever since the first automobile rolled off the factory lot. We tend to view the vehicle we drive as an extension of ourselves – a moving piece of machinery that shows the world our personality. Of course, for the full gamut of who we are to show through in our vehicle, we need the ability to go past the standard features provided by manufacturers. This is where aftermarket customization comes in. 

The Last Century of Car Lighting



The Last Century of Car Lighting

It’s easy to take for granted the everyday things around us, from the appliances and electronics we use in our homes to the vehicles we drive.  They’re such integral parts of life in America that we kind of forget about everything that has gone into making them, and not just at a modern-day factory.

When was the last time you’ve wondered about what these everyday things were like decades ago?  Many of them didn’t even exist, while you would probably have a difficult time even recognizing older models of things from even as recent as the 1940s and 50s. read more

LED Lighting: Top Vehicle Applications and Best Installation Methods

There’s nothing saying that your car or truck has to be just like every other make and model out there. In fact, that’s the fun thing about owning a vehicle – you get to make it your own! There are a ton of different things you can do to a vehicle, but few things have the application versatility or impact power of LED lights.

Whether you’re using them on the interior or exterior of your vehicle, LED lights can make a huge difference in both the style and quality of your vehicle. To get the creative juices whirring and help inspire you on your next automotive project, we’ll take a look at some of the best LED applications and go over some basic installation methods that anyone can tackle. read more