Benefits of Smartphone Lighting Controls


One of the newest technologies to hit the automotive accessory market is smartphone lighting control. With smartphone lighting control, you can adjust the amount and types of lights that appear in the underbody of your automobile. Gone are the days when you had to be inside of your car to control how the lighting system worked. With the advent of smartphone lighting control for automobiles, it has become much easier and convenient to show off your favorite, customized lighting setup.

In order to give you greater insight into why this remote lighting operation is so crucial, below are a few of the biggest benefits of incorporating smartphone lighting control on your automobile:

Simple Connectivity

With smartphone lighting control, you and any of your friends who have smartphone devices can easily operate the underbody lights of your favorite ride. You can seamlessly integrate with Android devices in addition to most iPhones, thus providing unprecedented control over your underbody lights. All you need to do is download the proper application.

Revolutionary Color Options

One of the biggest advantages of having smartphone lighting control is that it gives you a great degree of flexibility in regards to the choice of lighting color options. Once you download the appropriate application, you get to choose a color palette to your exact specifications, whereas previously you could only choose a few different exact colors. Now you have endless possibilities to mix and match which shades you want the most. By using surface mounted RGB LEDs, your underbody will have countless color options and incredibly vibrant variations and patterns.

Easy Bluetooth Connectivity
Since smartphone lighting controls are powered through Bluetooth technology, it is much more secure than Wi-Fi. Bluetooth provides you with a secure point-to-point connection, which allows you to make a simple and automatic connection whenever you are in the range of your control box. Using Bluetooth technology, as opposed to Wi-Fi, ensures that you can use your internet connection whenever you need to, because you can only connect to one Wi-Fi access point at a time.

252 RGB LEDs
With a smartphone lighting control on your automobile, you have the ability to show off 252 ultra-bright, surface mounted, wide angle RGB LEDs that can produce pretty much any solid color option. Thus, you have a full 270 degrees of lighting.

Greater Amount of Color Creation
Typically, smartphone lighting includes an integrated color wheel, which means that you can have full-color customization of primary and secondary colors. That way, you have the possibility to create close to virtually every solid color option imaginable.

More Lighting Modes

In the lighting control application, you can choose up to ten unique underbody lighting modes that are completely customizable. That way, you have the options to make a choice between primary and secondary colors and pattern speed, in addition to brightness levels. Plus, it includes solid color and fading color patterns in order to create interior lighting tubes.

Customizable Presets
Another major advantage is that smartphone lighting controls allow you to set up to five different in-app buttons. Thus, you can save each customized pattern to rapidly recall your ideal lighting options.

New Lighting Options
Now you can individually turn your underbody lights on or off, or just your interior tubes. You can have your underbody lights turned on while your interior lights are off or vice-versa.

Speed and Brightness Levels 
With smartphone lighting control, you can alter the speed at which you select your patterns. Not only that, you can adjust the brightness levels of both primary and secondary colors by simply using the adjustment slider.

Whereas before adding lighting controls to your car required expensive and time-consuming manual installation, all you need to do is ensure if the new lights are synched up to the existing connection. This ability saves you time, money, and the hassle of having to have your car serviced by an automotive technician. The Bluetooth capability allows for the addition of up to six 15-inch SMD LED Interior Lighting Tubes.

Final Thoughts

Smartphone lighting control gives you access to previously unavailable features that underbody light enthusiasts only dreamed of in the past. All of the convenience and different options sets this accessory apart as one of the best ones on the market.