Just Added: LEDGlow Golf Cart Battery Voltage Reducer


Looking to add illumination to your electric Golf Cart before next season? Were you looking to add a LEDGlow Lighting kit but your golf cart runs on a battery greater than 12 volts? LEDGlow’s Golf Cart Voltage Reducer allows you to safely install and power any 12 Volt LED Lighting accessory from your high voltage golf cart battery with ease.


The voltage step down converter can be installed to any 15 volt to 60 volt golf cart battery with the included input and output power wires that will be installed directly to the battery (input wires) and the LED light kit (output wires). The voltage step down converter will safely power any LEDGlow lighting kit as well as any accessory up to 5amps. As the converter may reach high temperatures, it is imperative that this golf cart voltage reducer be installed to a flat, metal surface and NOT plastic material.

LEDGlow’s Golft Cart Battery Voltage Reducer works with LEDGlow’s Million Color LED Golf Cart Underbody kit or any of the Single Color Golf Cart kits. LEDGlow’s Million Color Golf Cart kit is a complete multi-colored LED kit includes four 24” flexible tubes and an easy to use control box specifically designed to illuminate your golf cart. The multiple unique color patterns include 7 solid color modes each with 4 brightness levels, 5 scan modes, 5 flash modes, 5 chase modes, and 5 sound activation modes. The multiple lighting effects can easily be cycled through using the included control box or four button wireless remote.

The Single Color LED Golf Cart Kits are available in multiple colors; such as blue, red, green, purple, pink, white, orange, and yellow. These kits also include four 24” flexible LED tubes and an easy to use control box. The control box features 1 solid color mode, 3 fade modes, 2 strobing modes, and 1 sound activation mode. Each flexible golf cart underbody lighting tube is manufactured from extremely durable rubber and feature 12 feet of power wire for maximum mounting capabilities. Check out all of the LED Golf Cart lighting kits at www.ledunderbody.com to get the one that fits your cart best!

All of LEDGlow’s Golf Cart Lighting Kits and the Golf Cart Battery Voltage Reducer includes all necessary mounting hardware, installation instructions, free lifetime technical support, as well as a one year limited warranty with every purchase.