Product Spotlight: Headlight Strobe Kit

LEDGlow’s HID Xenon Strobe Light Kit is an EMERGENCY GRADE product that produces an intense white flash that is perfect for fire and rescue vehicles, show cars, or even motorcycles. The auto strobe lighting kit allows you to convert your existing headlight to add strobes to your existing headlight assembly. Each headlight strobe includes four 60 watt U-shaped, grommet style xenon strobe lights with 8 feet of power wire for each individual bulb. The waterproof control box is compact in size and features 15 different strobe patterns, which can be controlled using the included switch. This strobe light system can be synchronized with your car alarm, so if your alarm is triggered the strobes will flash giving you a greater warning effect. read more

Product Spotlight: 4 Piece 7 Color LED Interior Lights

Looking to add a little glow to your vehicle in the New Year? If you’re looking to add a little color and style to your interior, LEDGlow’s 4pc. 7 Color LED Interior is the perfect kit for you! The 7 Color Interior kit uses four 9 inch LED tubes with 18 ultra-bright LEDs per tube to create a custom interior glow to your vehicle at an affordable price. The 7 Color Interior kit will give your vehicle a unique look using 7 solid color modes which include blue, red, green, purple, teal, white, and yellow. The included control box features four fading modes, three strobing modes, and a sound activation mode that offers five different patterns that will flash to the beat of the music using a built in microphone. You can easily adjust how much sound the microphone picks up using the sensitivity wheel that is located on the side of the control box. read more

Now introducing the LEDGlow Tailgate Light Bar Y-Splitter Harness

Do you need to hook up trailer lights, but are finding that you have to unplug your tailgate light bar every time? Now with the LEDGlow Tailgate Light Bar Y-Splitter Harness you won’t have this problem again!


The Tailgate Light Bar Y-Splitter Harness will allow you to easily connect your LEDGlow tailgate light bar as well as your trailer lights to your truck’s factory flat 4 pin connector with plug and play connectivity. This allows you to run a trailer and your tailgate light bar without having to unplug your tailgate light bar to plug in your trailer lights. The Tailgate light bar Y-Splitter Harness features a length of 18 inches, with 9 inches of wire for both tailgate light bar and trailer lights connections. read more