Two Kits, One Control Box!

car with underbody & wheel well
The ability to power your Million Color Underbody and Wheel Well Lighting Kit together is finally here! LEDGlow’s Million Color Underbody and Wheel Well Junction Cable allows you to add four of LEDGlow’s Million Color Wheel Well tubes to your Million Color Underbody with Smartphone Control, Million Color Wireless Underbody, or Million Color Wireless Truck Underbody Kit.

The need for two separate control boxes is a thing of the past as the junction cable add-on accessory will synchronize the featured colors and effects of the underbody and wheel well tubes using the underbody control box. Easily take control of both lighting kits using one remote for effortless access to the lighting effects to create a more cohesive glow. read more

Look No Further, LEDGlow’s Million Color Wireless Truck Underbody Is What You’ve Been Waiting For!

Looking to add an underbody to your truck? LEDGlow’s Million Color Wireless Truck Underbody is the perfect addition for a stylish underbody illumination to any truck! This truck lighting underbody uses 474 ultra-bright SMD LEDs housed in (2) 46”, (2) 36”, and (2) 24” tubes to add a bright multi-color underglow with endless color options!

Each LED Lighting tube features a flat design for endless mounting capabilities while taking up less space under your truck. With this kit, LEDGlow provides first-of-its-kind, 15° angled, clear mounting brackets to allow for a wider color spill as the illumination can shine through the brackets for a spotless glow. read more

Increase your Truck’s Style and Visibility on the Road

Looking to add a little extra visibility to your truck? LEDGlow’s 2pc Side Marker & Courtesy LED Lighting Kit is the perfect addition to make your truck stand out on the road by enhancing illumination and safety. The versatility of this kit allows you to choose between adding running lights or the turn signal light feature to the side of your truck, while providing a courtesy light function.

This 2pc Side Marker and Courtesy lighting kit allows you to effectively add more visibility to your truck with different lighting features. To add illumination to the sides of the truck alerting other motorists of your presence, connect the orange wire to the headlight switch source to access the running light feature. This feature will illuminate your sides with ultra-bright amber LEDs that make your truck more visible when driving at night, in the rain or during foggy and overcast weather conditions. read more