Add Light to your Home with LEDGlow’s Home Theater Lighting Kit


ledglow_hometheatherIt’s that time of year again where outdoor activities start to slow down and more time is spent inside the home. This fall, gear up for winter by adding some new features to your home with ledglow_hometheatherkitLEDGlow’s Home Theater Lighting Kit! Winter is a perfect time to relax inside, cozy on the couch with an afternoon of movies or binging on Netflix. Imagine these activities with your newly installed Home Theater Lighting Kit, adding that special touch to your television or entertainment unit. The Home Theater Lighting Kit will add a multi-color ambient lighting surrounding your television or home theater system using (2) 9” and (2) 15” lighting tubes that can be connected to the backside of your TV using the included mounting brackets. The Multi-Color Home Theater Lighting Kit features 8 solid colors, color scan mode, color fade mode, and a sound activation mode that will function with the sounds from your television. The included wireless remote allows you to control your kit from the comfort of your couch, while controlling the speed and brightness, as well as pattern memory and sleep functions. The Home Theater Lighting Kit can easily be powered by a 120 volt power supply that can plug into any standard two prong outlet in your home.

ledglow_hometheather_cornerkitFor a more complete glow behind your television, LEDGlow is now offering the corner add-on lighting kit to fill in those gaps of lighting. The 4pc Corner Lighting Add-On kit includes (4) 6” 90 degree multi-color lighting tubes that easily connect to the Home Theater Lighting kit using the included 3’ power wires and mounting brackets. These corner add-on kits will help bring your television to life with a spotless illumination behind your entire television.

Each Home Theater Lighting Kit and Corner Add-On Kit includes all necessary installation accessories and instructions, as well as free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty.

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