Product Spotlight: 4 Piece 7 Color LED Interior Lights


Looking to add a little glow to your vehicle in the New Year? If you’re looking to add a little color and style to your interior, LEDGlow’s 4pc. 7 Color LED Interior is the perfect kit for you! The 7 Color Interior kit uses four 9 inch LED tubes with 18 ultra-bright LEDs per tube to create a custom interior glow to your vehicle at an affordable price. The 7 Color Interior kit will give your vehicle a unique look using 7 solid color modes which include blue, red, green, purple, teal, white, and yellow. The included control box features four fading modes, three strobing modes, and a sound activation mode that offers five different patterns that will flash to the beat of the music using a built in microphone. You can easily adjust how much sound the microphone picks up using the sensitivity wheel that is located on the side of the control box.

Each interior lighting kit offers a variety of mounting options including your foot wells, under your seats, or even under your dash using the included mounting brackets. Each tube includes 6 feet of wire allowing for endless mounting capabilities inside your car. Grabbing a LEDGlow Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter allows you to easily power any of our LED lighting kits directly from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle. Connect the power and ground from your kit to the power and ground wires on the adapter and plug it in to enjoy your interior lighting kit! We recommend using the expandable circuit & 4 Amp Fuse to power your kit. The Expandable Circuit and 4 Amp fuse allows you to easily connect 12 volt powered accessories to your vehicle’s fuse panel without having to cut or splice your vehicle’s existing wiring. The expandable circuit is designed to provide two fuse spots, one for your vehicle’s existing fuse up to 15 Amps and another for the included 4 Amp fuse. Each circuit offers plug and play connectivity and is available in a standard size, mini size, a low profile mini size, and a micro2 size. Check your vehicle’s manual to determine which size will be applicable for your specific fuse panel. LEDGlow stands by its 7 Color Interior kit with a one year limited warranty and free technical support.

7 Color Interior