The Redesigned Wireless Single Color Underbody Lighting Kits

single-color-wireless-orange-chargerLEDGlow’s Wireless Single Color Underbody Lighting Kits have been revamped to use SMD technology to create a spotless underglow to any vehicle. Each Underbody Kit universally fits 126 ultra-bright SMD LEDs that are housed in (2) 48” and (2) 36” Underbody tubes that now feature a flat design with 15 degree angled mounting brackets that will take up less space on your vehicle’s undercar while producing a much brighter color surrounding the bottom of your vehicle.

new-wireless-vs-old-wireless-underbodySingle Color Wireless Underbody Kits are available in blue, red, green, pink, white, orange, purple and yellow. Each Underbody features 12 unique lighting patterns and 5 sound activation modes that can easily be controlled using the included wireless remote and corresponding buttons located directly on the control box. read more