Now Introducing: Hyundai Motor America and Gurnade Inc.’s Hyundai Tuscon

With the Veloster finished and off in California at Hyundai Headquarters, Dave is back home and working endlessly to finish up his second build, a Hyundai Tuscon. We’re excited to bring you the first look at Dave Lightner and Gurnade Inc’s Hyundai Tuscon rendering! First launched in 2004, the Tuscon is a compact sport utility vehicle that offers drivers both utility and style. The Tuscon Concept Dave and Gurnade envisioned captures this by featuring a custom sound system and a special rack for the popular Zboard Electric skateboard. Dave’s build will feature their ZBoard 2 Pearl, the world’s first and only weight sensing electric skateboard! read more

How a Home Theater Lighting Kit Can Work for You

Home theaters are meant to be great entertainment spaces, so of course you want the space to be as interesting and visually appealing as possible.  What’s more, with a home theater you want to create the right mood that says this is the kind of room in which you can have a lot of fun.  To get all of these statements across, one easy method is to set up an LED lighting kit.

We all know that lighting can have a major impact on the atmosphere of a room, and LED lights can pack quite a big punch in this department.  Not sure where to start?  That’s fine, as we’ll discuss a variety of ways in which you can energize your home theater with cool LED lighting, as well as the sort of effects lighting can have on your mood. read more

How to Install Wheel Well Kits

There are a lot of options out there for customizing your vehicle through the use of LED light kits, with one of the most popular being the installation of lighting within wheel wells.  Now, even if you’re not particularly mechanically inclined or a very hands-on kind of person, installing light kits for this purpose is straightforward enough that pretty much anyone can do it.

There are a lot of different things you can do with LED lighting, so here we’ll not only instruct you on how to install your own wheel well kit, but also give you a little bit of insight into choosing the right lighting look for your vehicle. read more