The Benefits of LED Lighting On Boats

LED lights have become increasingly popular over the past few years and, considering all of their advantages, it’s not exactly surprising.  We’ve seen LED technology used all over the place, from electronics and vehicle light kits to use in architectural and commercial design.  One place you might not immediately think of when considering LED lights is your boat.

Just as they’ve been expanding throughout other markets, this form of lighting has become very popular in boating circles.  To get you onboard with their maritime use, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of LED lighting and why this is the right choice for any boater. read more

The Redesigned Expandable Million Color Pro Interior

LEDGlow has updated its Expandable Million Color Pro SMD Interior lighting kit to best fit your vehicle’s interior lighting needs. The Expandable Million Color Pro Interior uses 4, 6, or 8 flexible 12” tubes to add a custom illumination to the interior of any vehicle. The flexible tubes now feature improved modular connectors that create a more secure connection when daisy chaining each tube to the next. Each of the interior tubes features 9 SMD LEDs that create an ultra-bright spotless glow to the footwells and under seat areas.expandable-million-color-pro-interior-connectors read more

Follow the Road to SEMA


LEDGlow Lighting sponsor, Dave Lightner, invites you to join him as he preps a pair of custom vehicles to be unveiled at SEMA 2016! Dave Lightner started modifying cars in 1999 and built his first car for the SEMA auto show in 2004, a Scion TC for Tjin Edition. Since then Dave has built cars for some major companies along the way, including Enkie dave's-car-lit-up-watermarkedWheels, GlowShift Gauges, LEDGlow Lighting, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mobile Spec Car Audio, and Phoenix Contact. For this year’s builds Dave has teamed up with Gurnade Design and approached Hyundai about building not just one, but two different cars to debut at SEMA. The Road to SEMA for Dave will be an extremely busy one this year, but we can’t wait to see his final products. For the next two months, we will follow Dave as he finishes two custom builds to be on display November 1-4th at the 2016 SEMA auto show. Read along with us to get the ins and outs of the anxiety-packed race to the finish line in Las Vegas! read more