The Rush is On

Less than 2 weeks out and Dave Lightner has been working hard to get his Hyundai builds finished by October 12th. This day not only marks the date his build takes the journey west towards Hyundai Headquarters and SEMA, but this will also be the first public debut of both renderings by Hyundai Motor America on their social media pages. Each rendering will be the first look at what’s to come from Dave Lightner’s builds.

paintThis week Dave with the help from friends, put a lot of work into the first build. For the first build, which is performance themed, Dave got the Neo Motorsport brakes installed, as well as the Pierce Motorsports roll bar and suspension braces. The 845 Motorsport turbo piping and FMIC front mount intercooler were installed. The front mount intercooler is responsible for cooling the air that has been compressed by a supercharger or turbocharger. Intercoolers can aid in efficiency as it can make the charged air denser which can add more power and torque. Lightner finished off his work on the first build by removing the factory seating and replacing them with Cobra seats and Takata racing harnesses supplied by HMS Motorsport, to give it a sports car feel. This car unfortunately is still awaiting its suspension which has been delayed due to severe inclement weather causing the suspension to be stuck at the shipping port. read more

Add Light to your Home with LEDGlow’s Home Theater Lighting Kit

ledglow_hometheatherIt’s that time of year again where outdoor activities start to slow down and more time is spent inside the home. This fall, gear up for winter by adding some new features to your home with ledglow_hometheatherkitLEDGlow’s Home Theater Lighting Kit! Winter is a perfect time to relax inside, cozy on the couch with an afternoon of movies or binging on Netflix. Imagine these activities with your newly installed Home Theater Lighting Kit, adding that special touch to your television or entertainment unit. The Home Theater Lighting Kit will add a multi-color ambient lighting surrounding your television or home theater system using (2) 9” and (2) 15” lighting tubes that can be connected to the backside of your TV using the included mounting brackets. The Multi-Color Home Theater Lighting Kit features 8 solid colors, color scan mode, color fade mode, and a sound activation mode that will function with the sounds from your television. The included wireless remote allows you to control your kit from the comfort of your couch, while controlling the speed and brightness, as well as pattern memory and sleep functions. The Home Theater Lighting Kit can easily be powered by a 120 volt power supply that can plug into any standard two prong outlet in your home. read more

What to Expect at SEMA 2016

sema-carsAs the clock keeps ticking and we get closer and closer to SEMA, plans and information regarding specific events continue to be released. Kick off your SEMA 2016 trip on Monday, October 31st (Happy Halloween!) with some great seminars that will help aid in building business and give you the edge moving into the new year. Tuesday, November 1st is when the action will really start to heat up and continue on throughout the week with exhibits running daily from 8am-6pm and plenty of educational seminars and product demonstrations. read more