LED Lighting: Top Vehicle Applications and Best Installation Methods

There’s nothing saying that your car or truck has to be just like every other make and model out there. In fact, that’s the fun thing about owning a vehicle – you get to make it your own! There are a ton of different things you can do to a vehicle, but few things have the application versatility or impact power of LED lights.

Whether you’re using them on the interior or exterior of your vehicle, LED lights can make a huge difference in both the style and quality of your vehicle. To get the creative juices whirring and help inspire you on your next automotive project, we’ll take a look at some of the best LED applications and go over some basic installation methods that anyone can tackle. read more

How to Choose the Best Interior Lighting System for You

Lighting goes a long ways toward making your house a home, so choosing lighting that reflects who you are is crucial. This is especially true when it comes to the lights on the inside of your home, as they make you feel safe and comfortable while allowing you to do what you need to do more easily. Basically, they can make a big difference in how much you enjoy the place you live. With this in mind, we’ll discuss how to ensure that you choose the best lighting for the inside of your home.

Make a Great Impression read more

10 items you need for riding a motorcycle at night


Riding a motorcycle at night is a great way to allow your mind to escape from all of the day’s worries and responsibilities. As great of an escape as riding at night may be, it also poses many challenges that riders don’t face during the day. Just the very nature of your surroundings are different. The air is crisper, it’s relatively quiet, and there are far fewer people on the road. Oh, and not to mention … it’s a lot darker.

The dark poses a lot of problems for those who ride at night. Of course, the main problem when light is scarce is that it’s hard to see. When the sun is out, this is not an issue, but when it’s not, it becomes a significant issue. Not only do you have to consider how well you can see the road, other vehicles, and everything in between, you have to consider how well other drivers can see you. read more