10 Things Teens Should Know About Cars and Driving

teen driving
So, you finally have your driver’s license, a car, and some newfound freedom. You’re excited to spread your wings and gain your independence from Mom and Dad. The quickest way to lose it, however, is to use it irresponsibly. With privilege comes responsibility. To help you hang onto your new lifestyle, here are ten things every teen should know about cars and driving.

Minor Car Care and Maintenance

Determine the correct tire pressure for your car from the owner’s manual, and then keep track of your tire pressure with a tire gauge. You should know how to safely change a tire on the side of the road by yourself. Another common skill you should have is being able to jump start a car. It’s important to know how to check your car’s oil level to keep from ruining the engine. Frequently check all exterior lights to ensure they’re working properly. Lastly, when a check engine light comes on, it means that there is a system problem in your car. Don’t ignore it; seek help from a professional. read more

Top Ten Monster Trucks of All Time

monster truck

There are some crazy vehicles out there, but monster trucks are the craziest of them all, with their massive wheels, comparatively smaller bodies, and often crazy colors and designs that you do not usually see on most other trucks, cars, or motorbikes.

Owners use them in both races and such wild events as car-crushing, and it is easy to see why many monster trucks are just as unique in their features and design as the sports and activities they partake in. The following is a list of the ten coolest monster trucks in existence! read more

How to Install Interior Car Lights

Installing interior car lights can be intimidating—no doubt about it! Just the thought of installing LED lights can make even the most naturally talented mechanic roll his or her eyes in horror. Soldering guns, screwdrivers, two-way toggle switches, electrical tape—these are only some of the many tools needed to manually install interior car lights.

But, fear no more! This inclusive guide on how to install interior car lights should help you immensely. Today, you can avoid the time and hassle of manually installing interior car lights by purchasing kits like these. Not only do these kits make the entire installation process easier, but you can also choose the type and color of car lights you want. In addition, many kits come with a warranty and generous technical support from the seller. read more