Why LED Lights Are the Present and the Future

As science continues to evolve and tackle some of our most pressing environmental problems, a biggie is finding efficient ways to use energy. In fact, if we cut half our energy use from lighting alone, we could save billions of dollars and find ourselves less dependent on oil. We tried fluorescent alternatives, but the pushback was in never seeming to get the aesthetics right. Finally, it looks like light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, may be the answer we’ve been waiting for. They’re long-lasting and ten times more efficient than the profoundly inefficient incandescent lights. read more

Drive through any terrain in confidence with LEDGlow’s Rock Crawl Lights!

Extreme off roaders get your vehicles ready! LEDGlow’s Rock Crawl LED Lighting Kit, specifically designed with hardcore off-roaders in mind, will add illumination to the tires and surrounding ground of your off-road vehicle to light the trails and other rugged terrain as you ride in the dark.

The Rock Crawl LED Light Kit fits universally on any 4×4 off-road vehicle, Jeep or truck. These lights allow for greater visibility for the driver to safely navigate through off-road obstacles including rocks, mud, water, sand, and more. Not only can these lights guide you safely through any terrain but have also been built to handle all weather conditions. read more