Defensive Driving Tips

Everyone hears the term defensive driving used on a regular basis, but what are the actual steps that ensure you are driving defensively? Being a defensive driver means embracing a particular set of standards on top of your normal habits. Here are nine tips to help you form good defensive driving habits:

Reduce Lane Changes:
It is relatively uncommon for a car to be rear-ended when it is traveling the speed limit in its own lane. Accidents most frequently occur when you are in the process of changing lanes, whether it is cutting off a car or swiping another vehicle due to one being in your blind spot. By only going with one lane throughout the majority of your trip, you do not have to worry as much about causing accidents on the highway. read more

Expert Driving Techniques

Knowing how to drive well is one of the most important skills to have in life, especially if—like the vast majority of Americans—you live somewhere that does not offer public transportation services. Driving well is about more than just operating your vehicle efficiently; it is also about driving safely.

However, you would be surprised how much good driving is reliant on simply starting out with the right safety rules. The following bullet points are some handy expert driving tips that take both safety and speed into account. read more

How to Install LED Lights on a Motorcycle

LED accent lights serve a fantastic twofold purpose: they simultaneously offer you the ability to customize your motorcycle’s appearance, as well as provide you with better visibility (and, of course, they make you visible to other drivers on the road). Simply put, accent light strips are one of the best and easiest possible ways to increase your safety at night and customize your bike’s appearance.

We all know that safety is the number one concern. At the end of the day, every attachment and addition that you make to your motorcycle should ultimately enhance the rider’s safety. Upping your visibility at night is the perfect way to do so, and what better way to light up your ride than by installing some LED accent lights on it? read more