LEDGlow Tool Box Lights

Do you find yourself having a tough time while digging through your truck tool box when working after dark? LEDGlow has the answer so you’ll never have to keep a flashlight handy in your tool box again. LEDGlow’s 2pc. Tool Box LED Lights will offer an ultra-bright, hands free illumination to your tool box. The Tool Box LED Lights feature two 12” LED light tubes that install directly into the top of your tool box lid. Each 12” LED light tubes feature 12 surface mounted white LEDs that have been designed with a 90 degree angled illumination that will shine directly onto your tools to make working at night easy as you will have no problems locating any of your tools again. read more

LEDGlow’s Bluetooth App Version 2.0 is here!


LEDGlow’s Mobile Control App allows you to connect your underbody lighting kit with your Android or Apple devices through a secure Bluetooth connection.

The new update gives user a fresh interface with a larger color wheel and HD graphics to take advantage of the latest high resolution devices. Choosing a color has just become easier as users can press and hold the color wheel to zoom in for a magnified view to select that specific color variation. The update also provides users with a new help center which provides the most up to date tips, tutorials, and frequently asked questions regarding your Bluetooth controller and app. Lastly, version 2.0 has been fully updated to guarantee compatibility with the most up to date versions of Android and Apple devices. read more

Tailgate Light Bars: TailFlex® vs. Rigid

As LEDGlow welcomed the new TailFlex® Tailgate Light Bar, we thought we’d help you out with understanding the differences between the original rigid Tailgate LED Light Bars and the brand new flexible TailFlex® LED Tailgate Light Bars. Both versions are highly durable and waterproof, with a slim design that will provide your truck with added style and visibility. Both light bar options feature SMD LEDs and are available with a white LED reverse light function.


The original LEDGlow Tailgate Light Bar is available in 49” for compact trucks or 60” for full size trucks. This light bar features ultra-bright LEDs for running, brake, hazard, and turn signal functions. If you choose the light bar with the reverse option, the light bar will contain ultra-bright white LEDs for the added reverse light signal function. This light bar can easily be installed with the included 3M™ tape and self-tapping screws. If your truck does not have a standard flat 4 pin connection, you can splice the included wire harness to your truck’s signal wires to give you a secure hard-wired connection. read more