Now introducing the LEDGlow Tailgate Light Bar Y-Splitter Harness

Do you need to hook up trailer lights, but are finding that you have to unplug your tailgate light bar every time? Now with the LEDGlow Tailgate Light Bar Y-Splitter Harness you won’t have this problem again!


The Tailgate Light Bar Y-Splitter Harness will allow you to easily connect your LEDGlow tailgate light bar as well as your trailer lights to your truck’s factory flat 4 pin connector with plug and play connectivity. This allows you to run a trailer and your tailgate light bar without having to unplug your tailgate light bar to plug in your trailer lights. The Tailgate light bar Y-Splitter Harness features a length of 18 inches, with 9 inches of wire for both tailgate light bar and trailer lights connections. read more

Grab your Limited Edition 6pc. Million Color Pro Interior Kits while Supplies Last!!

LEDGlow’s Limited Edition 6 piece Million Color Pro Interior Light Kit will add an ultra-bright illumination to your vehicle’s interior using its 6 flexible 6 inch tubes that utilizes high powered 3 chip RGB LEDs that allow for lower profile tube and smoother operation than three individually colored 5mm LEDs. The tubes are effortlessly installed using micro USB connections that allow you to daisy chain each flexible LED tube to the next. Each of the tubes feature 6 SMD chips that give you a total of 36 ultra-bright RGB LEDs per kit. This multi-color interior kit is expandable up to 12 tubes, that’s a total of 72 ultra-bright RGB LEDS, creating a vibrant glow inside your vehicle. read more

Product Spotlight: LED Tailgate Light Bar

Looking to add more illumination to your truck this winter? LEDGlow has the perfect method to add extra visibility to your truck’s signals during your dark commutes. LEDGlow’s Tailgate Light Bars create a custom look for your truck to help you stand out at night. Whether you have a compact, mid-size, or full-size truck, LEDGlow has you covered with two different light bar signal options, a 49” & 60”Solid Red light bar and the 49” & 60” Red with White Reverse Signals.

All of LEDGlow’s tailgate light bars feature brake, running, hazard and turn signal light functions, but if you choose a tailgate light bar with white reverse lights, the reverse lights will show white which match the stock reverse lights for all makes and models. Each light bar installation is made easy with the included standard flat 4 pin trailer connection harness, but for trucks without the flat 4 pin connection, just splice the included wire harness into the truck’s signal wires for a secure hard-wired connection. LEDGlow has updated this kit by adding epoxy to the endcaps for the tightest connection and back that with silicone to safeguard your light bar from any leaks. These updates ensure that your light bar will last for many years to come. read more