Product Spotlight: Million Color Engine Bay LED Lights

When adding illumination to your vehicle, don’t forget to show off what you have done under the hood with LEDGlow’s 6pc. Flexible Million Color Engine Lighting kit! The Million Color Engine Lighting kit features numerous solid color options and lighting features perfect for adding that extra glow to accentuate your engine.

This kit contains six 6inch flexible water resistant tubes with a total of 72 ultra-bright LEDs. The flexible tubes are extremely durable and include 4 1/2ft. of power wire allowing you to bend and curve them to fit your desired mounting location inside the engine bay using the 3M tape and mounting screws included with every purchase. read more

Become an Artist in your Home with LEDGlow Home Accent Lighting

As the cold weather begins to set in, get your home ready for hibernation mode by adding some extra multi-color illumination! LEDGlow has the perfect home accent lighting to add some color in the upcoming fall and winter months.

LEDGlow’s Commercial Lighting Kit will add a custom multi-color look to any commercial or residential space, from storefront windows to under cabinets. This lighting kit includes four 40 inch ultra-durable acrylic tubes featuring 120 ultra-bright SMD LEDS. Installation is simple by connecting one light tube to the control box and the remaining tubes are easily powered by daisy chaining them together using USB connections. Additional tubes can be added with a maximum of 7 tubes per control box by connecting another power driver to the main control box and your kit is ready to go. The included control box features 7 solid color modes, 1 color cycle mode, 2 color fade modes, 1 sound activation mode, 3 different speed modes for color cycling and fading effects, as well as 4 different brightness levels. The lighting kit is easily controlled with the wireless remote which lets you power the kit, change the shade of each individual color, and save favorite colors to the 7 memory buttons. read more