Product Spotlight: LEDGlow’s 8 Piece Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit

For some, your truck bed is your supply closet, it’s your toolbox, it’s great for housing all the things you need on the go. For some this can be clean and organized and for others, not so much. LEDGlow has the perfect accessory for your truck bed for those nights you’re fumbling around searching for that one particular item you need. LEDGlow’s 8 piece Truck Bed Lighting Kit will illuminate the entire bed of your truck with just one flip of a switch. Truck Bed Lighting allows you to work after the sun has set without having to hold a flashlight or find a portable work light. read more

Spotlight: LEDGlow’s Million Color Golf Cart LED Light Kit

As golf season in our area starts to come to a close, take this time to get your golf cart ready for next season with LEDGlow’s Million Color Golf Cart LED Light Kit! Illuminate your golf cart with custom style while adding visibility for those rounds that wrap up after sunset. The Golf Cart Led Kit features four 24” water resistant and flexible tubes with a total of 108 ultra-bright wide angle LEDs. The flexible tubes allow you to contour each tube to fit the mounting locations of your choice. When installing try to choose locations that will not cause the tubes to submerge in water as this kit is water resistant and not completely waterproof. read more

Spotlight: LEDGlow’s Advanced Million Color ATV LED Light Kit

Fall is right around the corner and LEDGlow has the perfect addition to your quad this season. LEDGlow’s Advanced Million Color ATV LED Light Kit will add bright visibility to your quad or ATV for those brisk night rides. This ATV kit features surface mounted RGB LED technology to allow for vibrant and spotless color modes, as well as added visibility while riding at night. Each lighting strip is 1/8 inch in depth, flexible, waterproof and have the ability to be cut to size to fit tighter mounting areas. If you want an extra secure bond, LEDGlow offers 3M Adhesion Promoter for an extra layer of adhesion between the LED strip and your ATV. read more