Spotlight: Off Road Light Bars


Are you an off road enthusiast? Do you prefer to hit the rough terrain after dark? LEDGlow’s Off Road Light Bars are a must have for any 4×4 or truck by adding an ultra-vibrant white light that will effectively brighten up everything in front of you. LEDGlow offers off road light bars in a variety of sizes including 7.5 inch, 13.5 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch, and 40 inch light bar options that can be mounted on top of the vehicle above the windshield or even the grille! 11_orl_diagram_resized_2Users can choose from different light projection styles available that include a 60° flood pattern, a 30° spot pattern, or even a combo light bar that features both flood and spot patterns! Whether you want to add minimal lighting or maximum brightness to your off road vehicle or truck, LEDGlow has you covered! Each off road light bar features a heat sink, die cast aluminum housing to ensure cool airflow, as well as a high impact tempered glass lens that can handle any gravel. The IP67 rating allows the light bar to be submerged up to 3 feet in water and can withstand the elements regardless how severe the weather is. LEDGlow includes a relay controlled power switch with every light bar 20 inches and larger that you can mount in an accessible area so you can turn your light bar on and off anytime you want! read more