Spotlight: Slimline Underbody LED Lighting Kits

Thinking about adding a simple, yet vibrant underglow lighting kit to your car or truck? LEDGlow has you covered with our Slimine Series Underbody Lighting Kits! How is the Slimline Series different from the other undercar lighting kits offered? Our Slimline Series Underbody Tubes feature an extremely thin design with each tube’s diameter measuring about 5/8s of an inch, which is almost twice as thin as our standard underbody tubes. The Slimline Series Underbody Kits are extremely easy to install as each tube daisy chains to the next with modular connections, eliminating the need of a central location for a junction cable. Like our other underbody kits, the Slimline Series is offered in both a multi-color option and single color options which include Blue, Red, Green, Pink, White and Purple. Below I will break down the specifics of both types of Slimline Underbody Lighting Kits. read more

Powering Your LED Kit from Your Vehicle’s Battery

As you are aware of, LEDGlow offers a variety of installation accessories to power your LED lighting kit ranging from expandable circuits that tap power directly from your vehicle’s fuse box or a cigarette lighter adapter that easily plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port. As we recommend using either one of the two accessories to install your LED lighting kit, you can easily install your kit with the included red power and black ground wires directly to your vehicle’s battery. The tools you will need to install the kit using this method are a wire stripper, wire crimper, 16 or 18 gauge automotive grade wiring, eyelet connectors and butt connectors. read more