Million Color Underbody vs Advanced 3 Million Underbody

We always get the question, “what are the differences between the Million Color Underbody Kit and the Advanced 3 Million Underbody Kit?” Well, there are plenty of differences between the two kits that set each apart from the other underbody lighting kits that we offer. For example, the Million Color Underbody has the option to be upgraded to include the Bluetooth Enabled Control Box that allows you to select all of your underbody kit’s featured colors and lighting patterns directly from your smartphone with the LEDGlow Mobile Control app. The Advanced 3 Million Underbody Kit is the most versatile kit that we offer as you can create virtually any color and connect a countless number of tubes to your setup that all function from the same control box. These are just a few of our customers’ favorite features of each underbody kit. Below I will further explain the great features that come included with each underbody kit. read more

Spotlight: Wheel Well Lighting Kits

LEDGlow’s Wheel Well LED Lighting Kits are a great way to add a custom, aftermarket style to your vehicle’s wheel well, rims and tires. This flexible wheel well LED kit adds a complete LED illumination to your vehicle when being used along with any of LEDGlow’s Underbody LED Lighting Kits by filling the light gaps that underglow kit leaves. LEDGlow offers LED wheel well lighting kits in a variety of colors including multi-color options like the Advanced 3 Million Wheel Well Lighting Kit and Million Color Wheel Well Kit, as well as single color kit options including Blue, Green, Red, White, Orange, Pink, Yellow, and Purple. read more