Different Ways to Power Your LED Lighting Kit

Wondering what the best way is to power your LEDGlow Lighting Kit? Explained below are 3 different ways you can use to install your aftermarket LED lighting kit to your vehicle. Users can add installation accessories to their kit, such as an Expandable Circuit or Cigarette Lighter Adapter that will make the installation process a breeze or you can use the kit’s included power wires to install directly to your vehicle’s battery. These accessories are ideal for installing your Underbody LED Lighting Kit, Interior LED Lighting Kit, Wheel Well LED Lighting Kit and much more! read more

Spotlight: Million Color LED Home Theater Lighting Kit

LEDGlow’s Home Theater LED Lighting Kit is the perfect addition to any television as it exerts you into any movie, television show or sporting event by setting the colors of the kit to match the environment of what you’re watching! Add this home theater accent lighting kit to your living room, bedroom or man cave to give that room a little extra personality and life. Each kit comes standard with four lighting tubes, two 15 inch and two 9 inch tubes, that utilize SMD technology which bring an ultra-bright, wide angle glow surrounding your television that will be the envy of all of your friends and visitors. The slim control box is the brain of the kit as it features countless color selections including blue, green, red, aqua, white, pink and purple along with different variations of those colors. Users can also select from multiple lighting effects such as color scanning, fading, sound activation and various brightness settings that add even more to the versatility of this home lighting kit. All of the home theater lighting kit’s featured colors and lighting patterns are easily selected with the included wireless remote. read more

What are SMD LEDs?

We always get the question, “What are SMD LEDs?” With more and more of our LED lighting kits featuring SMD technology, this is a very important question. SMD LEDs are surface mounted LED chips that produce a much brighter and spotless glow than 5mm LEDs or any other type of single LED bulb. Each SMD chip contains 3 LEDs that work together to bring you that ultra-vibrant, wide angle glow you’re looking for in a LED lighting kit.

LEDGlow’s multi-color SMD lighting kits utilize 3 different colored LEDs to bring all of the included colors to life. It uses Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) LEDs with different voltages of each to display a certain color from your LED lighting kit. For example, if you want to set your kit to the color Orange, the LEDs used to make this color would be mostly Red LEDs with a bit Green LEDs mixed in to create the perfect Orange color. Confusing? A little bit, but thankfully the control box does all of the work for you. Single color SMD lighting kits are brighter than multi-color kits because the LEDs within the SMD chip are all the same color. This allows for single color SMD kits to come standard with multiple brightness levels for you to find your preference. read more